Real Name: Alexander (surname unknown)
Age: 37
Eye Color: glowing orange-red
Hair Color: black with a white streak
Height: 5’11
Based in: North America
Special Abilities: energy blasts, energy constructs and telekinesis

Little is known about the early life of Alexander. Growing up as an orphan passed from family to family, Alexander’s existence was filled with bullying and surrounded by instability. It isn’t clear where he was born, but it is known he spent much of his early life at Sunnyland Orphanage in Pennsylvania, USA. Nothing is known about his parents.

When Alexander began puberty, he developed a bioluminescence with the ability to expel increasingly powerful blasts of energy. It wasn’t long after Alexander came into his abilities that a group of government soldiers hunted him down for capture. He erupted in a rage, using his powers to slaughter the soldiers with an atmospheric explosion of energy that wiped out a 5 mile radius and devastated all surrounding survivors.

Alexander’s outlook became progressively grim and dark and he soon sought to retreat into seclusion. He remains isolated and no records exist of his whereabouts or activities during this long disappearance.

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