Shadows Synopsis

In the not-too-distant future, world society has fallen into mass poverty after war. Dozens of countries have perished. North America has become an oppressive state where extraordinary beings are detained from using their abilities by law with limiter suits. Certain beings’ powers are exploited for labor, and the rest are executed en masse, orchestrated from the background by Vice President Denton Snyder.

There is a growing public mistrust and suspicion of Snyder’s involvement in the mysterious and brutal assassination of Ultranova, a legendary symbol of hope and peace in this police state turned anarchist society, now referred to as the Republic of Snyder. Led by espionage extraordinaire Kitsune, a group of rebels seek to find the notorious exile, Alexander, who is their only hope to destroy the oppressive government by infiltrating the stronghold of Vice President Snyder, a self-styled prototype for his own super-race.

Created and Written by
Adam Matthew Smith

Illustrated by
Jorge A Castilla